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You Damn Kid! is a comic about growing up in the 60's & 70's with stories from the life of cartoonist Owen Dunne. It revolves around "Casey" and his little sister "Dot" and their oddball friends and relatives. Told mostly in flashback, the strip sometimes focuses on differences between then and now. You Damn Kid! began as a newspaper strip in the weekly alternative Shepherd Express in March, 1997. The strip first appeared online in 1998, and joined the Keenspot group of webcomics as a founding member in early 2000. YDK has appeared in other forms in newspapers and magazines around the world, and in 2005 was optioned by 20th Century Fox for television. A collection of strips, "Fun At A.A. Meetings" was released in 2004.
The grandson of Irish immigrants, Owen Dunne was born and raised in Massachusettes and Rhode Island. His cartooning career began in 1996, and in addition to YDK! he also produces the comics Norman P. Function and The Beevnicks. In addition to art and writing, Owen also dabbles in music and voice work. He currently resides in Wisconsin with his wife and four children.